7. December 2018

Kitman Thulema AS will be on vacation from December 24th 2018 to January 6th 2019.

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Workplace based education in Estonia and Europe

At the beginning of March our Marketing Manager Maria Tiidus visited Berlin, Germany to acquaint herself with the dual vocational educational system. During the visit the role of chambers of commerce and the economy were discussed. How is workplace based education organized in Germany? The principle difference is that recommending vocational education begins already in […]

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Ilo Rannu: There is no need to fear change!

The furniture maker Kitman Thulema AS is celebrating its 80th year of operation. Throughout the decades the company has changed direction many times: initial production was ploughs and hay rakes, then came a period of bicycles and cars, which at the time of collective farms required finding a new niche and the company found its […]

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