1.2 million Euros invested into developing learning environment

6. November 2019

With its long-term experience and contemporary technology, on a yearly basis Kitman Thulema contributes a bit to the implementation of the lifelong learning strategy.

This year Kitman Thulema has produced and sold school furniture for a total of approx. 1.2 million Euros. The biggest projects have been furnishing the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Pärnu Tammsaare School, Kohtla-Järve Gymnasium, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Aseri School. And there is still more to go – a couple of projects will be completed before the end of the year.

Kitman Thulema is pleased to be a continuously trustworthy partner to the universities, Ministry of Education and Research, municipalities and the State Real Estate Ltd.

On the photo: Kohtla-Järve Gymnasium; interior design by Pille Lausmäe Interior Architects